Post-Internet Poetry        

  carcassonne -


We’ve been resenting the carconization 
of our city from 4 bedroom apartments
shared with 6 people, 1 cat, and
A few bottles of 5 dollar wine.

  The urban carcass gleams
with artifacts-become-commodities
and we are the maggots
writhing for dead tissue.

Parasites in our city aiding gentrification
as we take our loans that cost
our bone marrow or a medial study
to pay our surgeon landlords.

They take the scalpel to our
community garden as our neighbor
whose lived next door for 37 years
lays dead on the operating table.

At what cost
do we learn in our prestigious institutions
About the very beast we visit
in our morbid futures.

Our historical town turned into a theme park
walls whitened and capped like
TV star teeth but we
can no longer afford dental insurance.

It’s cheaper to pull a tooth
than it is to make repairs.
Is that the cost of
our cities mnemonic decay?

Is that the cost
of our brief happenings in this city
only to travel in our V shaped flock
to a new home with the same bourgeois pollution?  

We’ve been aiding the carconization of our city
from behind our laptops writing essays
in a 4 bedroom apartment shared with 6 people
1 cat, and a few bottles of 5 dollar wine.

And when we leave,
a new flock will come for winter.