Post-Internet Poetry        


With/out/ hav/ing/ to/ read/ we/ grasp the theme

im/age/ on screen,/ retells/ the same/ story

That we/ have read/ different,/ fighting/ up/stream.  

Synthe/tic light/ dis/playing /no /glory.


And when/ I close/ my eyes/ to doze

The in/candesc/ent light/ still leaves

The im/ ages/beneth /my lids/, our foe,  

the spec/tacle,/it/ can/not grieve.

I won/der/ too/ if/ Scouts house/ smelled/ like/ an

candle/ un/ attended,/ fresh linen/ scent  

Or if/ from down the hall/ their mom/ would say

“Can’t find the keys, do you know where they went?”

I bet now/ their house/ smells/ like/ bloodshot/ eyes,

The n/et en/sures th/eir /grief, im/mo/rta/liz/ed.

Warning: Death, Police Brutality, Metal Illnes

Scout Schultz was a non bianary, computer engineering student with a 3.9 GPA, was a leader in Georgia Tech's LGBTQ community.  

In the cellphone video, five Georgia Tech police officers, their guns drawn, can be seen surrounding Schultz, who was carrying a a multipurpose tool that included a knife. The blade of the knife inside it was folded. When Scout stepped towards the police, Officer Tyler Beck fired a single fatal shot.

Scout Shultz left behind three suicide notes, and is heard on the video saying “Shoot me." The Officer who shot Scout Shultz had never recieved crisis intervention training. The training was not mandated by the state. 

In memory of Scout Shultz, an inspirational community
activist and constant fighter for human rights.